Vocational training for young adults

Young adults with Autism, have little scope for employment in normal society. For years they attend special schools, slowly and painstakingly learning skills and attaining knowledge meant to empower them in society. Life seems to have reached a blind end after all the years in special schools. They are bewildered to find that there is no role in society for them. For the parents, the crisis takes a turn for the worse, because help is no longer available. However, given the right ambiance and structuring, they can be productive.

Live at present :

We give more importance to creativity now. Creativity has enhanced their sense of discipline and their natural affinity to beauty. By working on these aspects our vocational unit has started to bring weaving, paper cup making, wood work unit, candle making, handmade paper bags, soft stone work, table clocks, paper plate making and cycle spare parts manufacturing.

Weaving works on their entire system and harmonizes them to the environment. Wood work not only demands strength but also coordination at the same time care and attention is demanded. Paper cup making is strenuous and this helps the youngsters to sleep when they put in their energy to make the cups. It is a mechanical work which needs to be compensated with the other crafts to enable their obsession disorders to subside.

Vocational center for individuals with any challenges mean that there are always material that will be wasted in their process of learning and this remains lifelong. Given their moods and tendency to tantrum, wastages increase.

This makes our pricing to be higher than usual. As these youngsters are basically prone to toxicity, it is better for them and as a byproduct to the environment, the materials used are only natural material. This includes all that is used in wood work. The polish is bees wax and the colorings are food coloring. Hence the coloring will not be bright as paint.

As training takes up all our time, effort and resources, marketing is at the moment beyond our reach. If we could be helped to sell these products the youngsters will greatly benefit. Currently they take home a stipend. By selling the products their take home amount will also increase thereby giving them the status of an earning member of the family. This will ensure that they are respected at home.