It is very important for the parents to have a professional discussion after identifying some delay in children. Just plain googling can lead to chaos. Professional consultation regarding diagnosis, treatment, therapies, special diets and appropriate schooling are essential to avoid the delay in taking right decisions for the wellness of the child. At the same time, it saves the parent from living the consequences of wrong choices.

If Autism is diagnosed earlier, like any other Pervasive developmental disorder, it responds well with early, effective and intensive intervention. There is no proven drug for Autism as such and the drugs being administered including anti-psychotics, psychostimulants, SSRI’s are for symptomatic management, since few of the symptoms of autism mimics childhood schizophrenia.

While conventional therapies like speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavior therapy can be helpful, a much wider and deeper understanding of the condition is essential for the unravelling. The biological profile of Autism is complex, which extends beyond brain dysfunction. Autism is both multifactorial, involving many causes, and systemic, involving many parts of the body, not just the brain. Hence, we should guard against the tendency to embrace a tunnel vision perspective on this complex disorder.

Awareness about various facets of Autism including heavy metal toxicity, dietary allergies and sensitivity, immune system dysfunction, auto–immune issues, sluggish liver function, nutritional deficiencies, sensory integration issues, difficulty in language processing and speech, problems related to attention, concentration and memory are essential for the effective intervention of this ominous condition.